Interview with Meg Robichaud



Meg Robichaud is a talented Illustrator and Icon design from Vancouver.


- How did you start your job?


A few years ago, a couple of my buddies were in the early stages of a startup (learndot) and I’d help them out here and there on occasion. When they were accepted into the first cohort of a local incubator (Growlab), the first thing everyone did was present where they were starting from. Some of the other co-founders liked my work so much I ended … Read more

Meeting with the company Cleevio




- Where did you get the idea of your start-up?


We’re not completely a startup. CLEEVIO is a company that makes custom apps for other startups as well as our own projects such as Spendee or Taasky. Cleevio was founded in 2008 and from the beginning we did applications for clients and we were a classic agency. Over time, however, we began to do more for startups plus our own apps. One of the startups that we work with is for example the new mobile application Snippit … Read more

Interview with Frederic Tourrou


Frederic Tourrou, is a designer Made in France.  Fred is a huge addict of  UI / UX design


- How did you start your job?


I started 10 years ago by working in a famous print house in Toulouse south of France …  I met bunch of really cool guys who were startup CEOs . they asked me to start working on applications  so i decided to study the whole apple guideline ( it was during the launch of the first iphone ) then i started to design … Read more

Interview with Dmitri Litvinov



Dmitri Litvinov, a designer Based in Vancouver, BC. He design super cool icons and modern website.


- How did you start your job?


I remember being 17 when I first got Illustrator (I’m 26 now), and I absolutely fell in love with it. I would spend nearly 16 hours a day learning it,  I was completely obsessed. It’s kind of funny that I didn’t even touch Photoshop till about 2 years later and now I live in it.

But I never really thought I could make a … Read more

Interview with Coleman Tharp



Coleman, a designer based out of Denver, Colorado. He design fancy interfaces for apps and stuff.


- How did you start your job?


Well, it all started out with WordPress. I searched and searched for a good theme, but couldn’t find any. So, instead of wasting time I decided to try making my own. It was quite the learning experience. I don’t think I ever actually finished the theme though. All of this got me pretty interested in design. Once a few months had gone by, I … Read more

Interview with Murat Mutlu


Murat Mutlu is a designer currently living in London


- How did you start your job?


I originally started freelancing so I would have more time to work on my own projects, I was getting bored by client work and fed up of not having complete control on stuff I designed.

I’ve made tons of stuff in my spare-time, there’s the iPhone app called Instabam which finds Instagram photos near you and which is a useless website.

Last year I started working on, a free … Read more

Interview with Christophe Tauziet


Christophe Tauziet is a Product Designer at Parse (Facebook), currently working in Menlo Park, California


- How did you start your job?


I actually started my career as a software engineer. My first job was as a front-end engineer intern at Orange Labs, the R&D department of Orange, a big european mobile career, where I was building web user interfaces for their products. The lack of designer in the team I joined, plus the fact that my girlfriend was a graphic designer, encouraged me to step up and … Read more

Interview with Bady


Bady is a UI/UX designer working for


- How did you start your job?


I can not recall exactly but back in 2006 I was interested in digital art. I followed a lot of artist in deviant art (quite popular back then) such as Peter Jaworowski (founder of arsthanea), takeshi and many more. Their work inspired me to learn more about photoshop. In 2007 I started to work on small work for prints like posters, stationary and cover book design. I started to learn about web design … Read more

Interview with Vadim Sherbakov

Vadim_avatar - copie

Vadim Sherbakov  Is a a freelance designer and art-director from Moscow , Russia.


- How did you start your job?


I started working as a designer for Russian TV Sport Channel, doing some CG work for sport programs and tv shows. Later on, with a few friends, we organized a freelance community group, focusing on CG for TV , films and advertising. After a year, I became leading art director in that group and worked as that for 6 years. In the 2011 I decided to go my … Read more

Interview with Luboš Volkov

901809_4853788459681_359077695_o (1)

Luboš Volkov is a lead product designer at @toptal. And currently  based in Czech Republic.


- How did you start your job?


I dont want to call the design as my job since. I do what I love and as the benefit i get money on my account. But I have started doing design about 2 year ago and since i didn’t know anything about it I had to just sit down and I had been creating the pixels every day for almost one year to get on … Read more

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